Chris’s horsemanship clinics will cover the fundamentals of his horsemanship techniques that he uses and teaches in the Instructional Programs. 

Clinic participants will have Chris and his certified instructors at each clinic that will oversee, evaluate and assure your progress through his 

training program. Sharing his vast knowledge and experience, Chris will make it possible for you, your horse and auditors watching, to learn the 

most effective ways to communicate with your horse and enjoy your Ride on the Journey.

On The Ranch Clinics

The Diamond Double C Ranch becomes your home for 6 days as Chris leads you to a higher level of understanding and communication with 

your horse. What you will learn during your stay will permanently and positively change the way you deal with your horse. You will not only 

benefit from the group lessons, but will receive personal instruction from Chris. Participants stay in the Lonesome Dove Hotel "the 

Bunkhouse". All clinics start the week off on Monday morning at 8 am with a hearty ranch breakfast at the Dining Hall, followed by a full day 

 of the instructional program.

On The Road Clinics

Chris knows not everyone is able to travel to the Diamond Double C Ranch for the 6 Day horsemanship clinics. To make his horsemanship 

program more widely available, Chris offers 3 Day Horsemanship Clinics throughout the country.

If you are interested in hosting a Chris Cox 3-Day Clinic, we ask that you submit a Host Clinic Application along with a video of the facility, 

stalls, riding areas etc. in DVD or digital format to: Chris Cox Horsemanship Company 5309 W. FM 1885 Mineral Wells, Texas 76067 For 

more information about hosting a 3-Day Clinic, - e-mail or call (940)327-8113.