The Chris Cox Signature Saddle has a tree specifically designed by Chris that is very unique and can be used as an all around 

versatile saddle. The bars are customized and flare at the front to eliminate interference and  pressure or pinching on the horse’s 

withers and scapula. This is beneficial in fitting a variety of different horses such as high withered to mutton withered horses. The gullet 

width is 6 3/4” and the height is 8”. The tree is covered in fiberglass for more durability.        

  The signature saddle has a center ride seat. The low rise is designed to allow movement and freedom in the saddle and can be used 

for various disciplines. This also offers close contact for the horse and rider and correct weight distribution. The saddles are made from 

Herman Oak leather and have cut outs under the fender for a close leg contact. The pre-twisted fenders eliminate the break in process 

and are turned out and “ready to ride”. They also move freely forwards and backwards. In skirt rigging and standard drop D rigging is 


The Chris Cox Signature saddle is lined with all natural sheepskin which provides breath-ability and helps draw out moisture from 

the horse’s back. Featuring 100% stainless steel hardware saddle strings on the front and back they come with a back cinch, leather 

latigo and off side leather latigo. Various tooling patterns are available such as Waffle, Basket, Sheridan Flower, Oak Leaf, Running W, 

Diamond Squares and many more. The seat sizes start at 14 ½” and go up in ½” increments to a 17” seat. We try to keep several 

saddle’s in stock at all times and if you do not see one available we can order exactly what you want and it will can be ready in 6-12 

weeks. The saddle’s have a 10 day money back guarantee; if your saddle doesn’t fit simply send it back for a refund. On all returned 

or canceled saddle orders there will be a 10% restocking fee.