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Published in 2008 by Western Horseman, Chris's book, "RIDE THE JOURNEY", shares with the reader his remarkable authentic and step-by-step horse training techniques.

Dedication and Acknowledgments
Foreword by Larry Mahan

1. Horseman in the Making 

2. Put Theory Into Practice
3. Getting Personal
4. The Psychology of Horsemanship
5. Equipment 101
6. Groundwork: Where It All Begins
7. Trailer-Loading
8. The Lower Half
9. Create A Natural Head-Set
10. Leg-Yielding Exercises with Positions 3 and 1
11. Leg-Yielding: Using Leg Position 2
12. Cowboys and Collection
13. Leads and Changes Simplified
14. No Room for Stress
15. Head Down the Trail
16. The Cattle Connection
17. The Right Start
18. Refine Your Horsemanship
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