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What people are saying...

Hi Chris! I hope this gets to you personally! I just came from the Western States Horse Expo where I saw you working with the two problem horses (buckskin and paint). Awesome! I was the one who stopped you on your way out of the arena and yelled Chris, didn't know if you heard what I said, but it was "THANK YOU FOR DEFENDING THE HORSES". I totally agree with you that the horse is our gift from god, and we should treat them as such.

I've seen you in Woodside California at the mounted patrol (where I grew up and rode and worked my first horses at the age of 13). I was the one who sent you the Cd with the pictures I took, so I hope you got them! I also was there to see you win your third championship at The Road To The Horse in 2011. I've been following you on RFD and really enjoy your shows. I write because I feel it's enormously important to let the persons on this earth know that they are making a big impact by inspiring the horseman within us and that's really important and needed. Thank you for all you do for the horses and uplifting family values in relationship to horsemanship!

Sincerely, Sioux from California

Hi Chris:
Wanted to let you know, my husband and I attended your clinic at the Horse Expo in Sacramento on Friday.  It was great seeing you in person and watching you handle the spooky mare. Our 4 year old quarter gelding also has a problem accepting the saddle any my husband was glad to see that he has been handling the situation in a similar fashion to you.   However, when it came to actually riding the mare, we were especially impressed when you decided (due to time constraints)to not attempt riding her. We appreciate the fact that you were not willing to put that kind of pressure on yourself or the horse just to show that it could be done. That’s what makes you the kind of “horseman” we will continue to follow.

Sincerely,  Barbara

Can't tell you how much we enjoyed seeing you in Sacramento this weekend. We were able to come up on both Friday and Sunday. We watch your tv show all the time, and read your book, but seeing you live, unscripted, and with some unexpectedly spoiled horses was quite a treat. Our respect for your talent and our admiration for you as a man has grown tremendously after seeing you handle what was given you both days. It's not in the cards for us to get to ride with you in the near future, so thanks for coming out, and please come again! (Hope to see you in Redmond in July!)

Sincerely, Steve

I have followed your show on RFD for a while now and was excited to see you in the list for the Expo in Sacramento. Sadly, my gelding was hurt 2 weeks ago and died as a result of his injuries. I was not going to go to the Expo because I thought it would just be too painful that soon. My girlfriend asked me to go with her and said you were speaking on regaining confidence. This has been an issue for me for a couple of years as I am over 50 and had a bad wreck a few years back. I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that I came anyway. You did an awesome job with the filly on Friday. And I learned so much from the session on Saturday. At the very end when you said don't let your dreams die, I just cried. I made the decision right then to get back in the saddle as soon as I can. After the demonstration I also decided that I am not shopping on craigslist for a hand me down horse. I am going to work with a trainer to find a well broke horse that is suited for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Paula

Good morning Mr. Cox, i attended the Sun. demonstration where the young lady Sara lost her seat and hit the dirt (luckily she went off when she did, she was headed for the rails). My name was the first one called for the raffle and I won your special patented bit and I can not wait to work with it. My young Quarab...1/2 quarter and 1/2 arab gelding is just starting to get under saddle. Enough about me I am just writing to tell you how impressed I am with the amount of work and energy you gave top an animal an young rider (Sara) who desperately needed it. I am about to go onto a website and set them straight, (they put words in your mouth I never heard). I am very thankful for your time and effort on Sun. you have earned everybody's respect as far as I am concerned and you deserve a whole lot more than you probably recieve. I look forward to attending additional seminars...

Take care of your self and thank you so much Mark

Superb demo on 6/7/12 HorseExpo, made the whole event worthwhile. You are an excellent demonstrator; I think you reached some minds.  

Thank you. Lynn


















I just wanted to say how much we enjoy your TV show now screening on Sky Country Channel here in New Zealand.  Seems such a shame that having started off in this part of the world we’ve now lost you back to the US.


















Perhaps you’ll consider a visit down here at some stage, I’d love to attend one of your clinics.


















Kind regards, Emma




















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