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"I'm not a horse trainer, I'm a horseman.
What’s the difference?
A horse trainer trains horses;
a horseman trains himself."
– Chris Cox


Each RIDE THE JOURNEY tour stop provides a remarkable learning opportunity in a relaxed and entertaining setting. Enjoy demonstrations that reveal proven methods for interacting with the horse. Learn techniques that will build your confidence and increase your horse handling skills. From the foundation of ground work to the refinement of advanced horsemanship skills for building a rider’s confidence, Chris will show you his proven methods. Chris works with local problem horses and will thrill and entertain you with advanced demonstrations with his personal horses.


Segments include:

  • Colt Starting
  • Creating a Natural Headset
  • Lead and Lead Changes
  • Solving Bucking Horse Problems
  • Trailer Loading
  • Building Riders Confidence
  • Advanced Horsemanship



Experience real horses, real people,
real problem solving, up close and personal!

In addition to all the fascinating interaction with horses, you’ll enjoy shopping, wholesome family fun, and have a chance to meet Chris in person as he signs autographs and answers questions during the daily Q&A session . 

If you’re ready for a more productive, willing, balanced relationship with your horse, then you won’t want to miss Chris Cox's RIDE THE JOURNEY Tour.

 You Should Attend If...

  • You're looking to advance your horsemanship skills, learn about advanced maneuvers and develop your feel and timing.
  • You want to learn the techniques that Chris has used to win three consecutive Road to the Horse championships and start hundreds of his own colts.
  • You or your children are new, or relatively new to horses and want to be safe and enjoy your horses.
  • You have a horse with problem issues that you want to solve.
  • You have lost your confidence riding due to a spill or bad experience and want to reclaim your enjoyment of horses.
  • You want a FREE entertainment option.
  • You want to be inspired, enjoy the company of others who enjoy the horsemanship lifestyle as much as you do, listen to live music, meet Chris and ask him your questions, shop and enjoy a wholesome family weekend centered around horses and learning.

Demo Horses
We will be looking for demo horses in the upcoming tour areas within the specific problem categories. To submit your horse for use in a demo, please click here. 

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