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Instructional Program Part I
$269.99 (Member price: $216.00)  

Start at the very beginning of Chris’ program and develop the horsemanship skills you will need for a long and enjoyable life with horses. 12 disc DVD series.

You’ll learn how to: read your horse’s personality and body language; catch your horse anywhere; handle your lead rope; disengage the hindquarters; direct and drive forward and over obstacles; trailer loading techniques; provide correct nutrition; determine saddle fit; care for your horse’s feet; bridle your horse correctly; mount properly; achieve lateral and vertical flexion; find your centered seat; back; stop at all gaits using your seat position and body; leg yielding and overcoming trail obstacles.

Includes pocket reference cards you can take to the barn!

Program Contents:

Disc 1:
• Getting to know your horse, body language, halter etiquette, “taught to be caught,” and lowering your horse’s head

Disc 2:
• Handling the lead rope, points of the horse’s body to draw boundary lines and disengaging the hindquarters

Disc 3:
• Direct and drive forward and then direct and drive over obstacles

Disc 4:
• Trailer loading, backing up, and tying in the trailer

Disc 5:
• Nutrition, joint supplements, wormers, handling the feet, saddles, and saddle pads

Disc 6:
• Headstalls, bits, bridling, mounting your horse, rein management and lateral flexion

Disc 7:
• Finding your centered seat, identifying 3 seat positions, breathing and posting

Disc 8:
• Vertical flexion through rein management and backing up your horse

Disc 9:
• Body position in the stop at all gaits

Disc 10:
• Position of the leg to disengage at a walk, trot and canter. First steps in opening and closing gates

Disc 11:
• Teaching your horse to stand still. Applying what’s been learned out on the trail. Steer and guide your horse around obstacles.

Disc 12:
• Leg position one, leg yielding and two-tracking

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