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Chris Cox brings LifeLine on board as Sponsor

ANKENY IOWA , 01-May-2014

Chris Cox Horsemanship Company proudly announced today the partnership with APC, Inc., maker of the LIFELINE brand of equine performance products.

Cox is 100% cowboy, but it’s undeniable that the three-time world champion of Road to the Horse is also a superstar. Riders of every skill level flock to Cox’s public appearances to watch, wide-eyed, as he convinces lawless horses that they need leadership, and that humans are indeed trustworthy. Fans watch Cox transform horses from chaotic to calm — even willing — often in just an hour. Cox is committed to helping horses reach their full potential. And now Cox has turned to LIFELINE Equine performance products to help his horses succeed.

“I was impressed with APC’s proven background in helping animals and the science behind their products,” said Cox. “Between the results I see with my own horses and some of the testimonials I have heard from others, these new LIFELINE equine products could be game changers for the horse industry.” Cox started his first horse when he was just eight years old, and says he can’t remember a time when there weren’t horses in his life. Today, in addition to public appearances and shooting his weekly TV show, Cox holds popular horsemanship clinics on his ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas, that focus on building confidence through knowledge. In his three- and six-day clinics, Cox sets the bar high for students and their horses, dispenses nuggets of wisdom at just the right moment — and tosses in humor when things get real. The result? Happier horses. Happier riders.

“Chris is a great advocate for the horse — and by extension, the rider. His commitment to helping horses perform their very best aligns perfectly with the LIFELINE mission to help animals thrive,” said Jennifer Whetzel, Director of Marketing for APC, Inc. Consumer Products Division. “We are delighted that Chris believes in our products — he has told us that LIFELINE is the most exciting product he’s seen in years. We’re honored that he has chosen to join Team LIFELINE.”

Team LIFELINE members are top performers in the equine industry who have experienced the results LIFELINE Equine performance products deliver and have chosen to be affiliated with the brand. Cox’s decision to join Team LIFELINE signifies that he believes in LIFELINE products and uses them with his own horses. Cox is well qualified to recommend LIFELINE products to riders, and the Chris Cox Horsemanship Company will act as a reseller of LIFELINE Equine performance products through their website at A complete list of where to buy LIFELINE Equine products can be found on the LIFELINE website at

### About the Chris Cox Horsemanship Company

The Chris Cox Horsemanship Company is privately held and was founded by Chris Cox in 1989. Headquartered in Mineral Wells, Texas, the company oversees Cox’s many ventures within the equine industry. Chris Cox is a master horseman with over 25 years of industry experience. He has earned international respect and following by developing successful partnerships between horse and rider. Cox offers a proven program that is immensely popular with all ages and skill levels, and uses a straightforward, common sense approach to horsemanship. He hosts Chris Cox Horsemanship, which airs three times weekly on RFD-TV, makes nationwide “Ride the Journey” tour stops and holds mini-clinics at equine expositions around the country. Cox is a three-time world champion of Road to the Horse, with back-to-back wins in 2007 and 2008, and a 2011 victory over the top horseman in the industry. For more information, visit or call (940) 327-8113.

About APC, Inc.

APC, Inc. Consumer Products Division’s mission is to help animals thrive. We work hard every day to create products that help improve the lives of animals. This was our focus when we were founded in 1981, and it still is today. For more than 30 years we have been spearheading discoveries that have changed animal health and performance worldwide.

LIFELINE Equine has revolutionary performance products that help address issues related to stress, immunity, gut health and joint mobility in equine athletes. They deliver a quick visual response in horses in as few as 14 days after the first dose. The LIFELINE Equine promise is to deliver innovative Equine performance products that work fast, act multisystemically and are show safe. Learn more at


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